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Real Estate Professionals

We know that helping your clients find the perfect property isn’t your only job. Being a trusted advisor throughout the real estate transaction is important, too. Real estate professionals are on the front lines making sure that buyers and sellers are getting the best deal possible, and are informed of their options. Homeowners seek your advice throughout the home buying process, particularly on matters that may require explanation, such as purchasing owner’s title insurance.


Legacy Title Group works with financial institutions of all sizes—whether it’s a community bank, credit union, mortgage banker, or national bank, our lending services offer customized solutions. From providing title insurance to finalizing escrow and disbursements, you can trust your transaction with Legacy Title Group.


Whether you’re buying a home for the first time or are searching for the right home to retire in, the experienced professionals at Legacy Title Group are here to help you with your title insurance and closing needs. With over 25 years of combined experience, homeowners can trust Legacy Title Group to ensure financial protection for covered defects in the title to their home. to ensure financial protection for covered defects in the title to their home. Title defects can be very serious, time-consuming, and expensive to resolve. At worst, they can result in the loss of ownership. That’s why having title insurance is so important!

Commercial Services

Whether you’re dealing with a single-site property or a multi-site portfolio, Legacy Title Group commercial services can help. Our team of experienced professionals provide the expertise and quality service you need for timely, accurate title insurance and closing services.


The sale and transfer of farms and agricultural properties can be more difficult as there is more involved than the simple transfer of land and buildings. There are often several tracts each that may require considerations for equipment, property leases, mineral rights, and even the water that flows naturally through the land. Our professionals are skilled and well-practiced at working with the landowner, purchaser, Realtors, legal teams, lenders and anyone else involved in the transaction to perform closing and other vital services.

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